Bravito the Pigeon past away



Bravito is gone

Bravito the pigeon, my beloved Bravito has just past away a few moments ago in my hands after a major crop surgery that he had this morning and that he could not overcome.

Only people who has built complicity and friendship with non human animals know how it feels to lose a mate like this.

There is an Spanish song that says ….


When a friend leaves, let an ampty space, that cannot be filled with the arrival of a new friend.

That is the way it feels..

Bye Bravito


Bravito is back home

found pigeon

Bravito is back home

Bravito was brought to me yesterday around 16:00 by the animal ambulance, he was found by someone in circumstances I still do not know because I have not talked to the person that found him.

He is dehydrated and emaciated, besides that he got something in his right eye and right leg.

Nevertheless I am very happy I got him back alive, the ring in his leg played an important role to contact me immediately without it this story could have been very different for him.

He escaped on 12-january-2013 and was found on 22-Januariy2013, the weather has been very could these days -8 at night, I am very thankful to the people that found him and called the animal ambulance.

He is still sleeping at the moment I write this 8:00 AM, he is still in shock, it is going to take a time that he recovers completely.

Bravito is gone

Bravito is gone

Bravito is gone

Bravito left by accident this morning I put him in the balcony in a cage, but the table was unstable, I was inside the house when it happens, his cage felt down and Bravito flew away. I did not see when it happens.

The cage was placed in a way he could see the window where Dulce his partner was watching him through the window. I am almost sure she saw everything happen.

He left behind Dulce his partner, and his almost four months old son Charlie

Bravito came to me last year he felt in the front balcony of my house on 1-1-2012 and left from de back balcony on 1-12-2013.

After this event we all remain behind changed forever, his perception of humans and my perception of pigeons never will be the same.

All this happen between 10:00 and 11:00 AM when I discovered I went immediately outside to feed the pigeons of my area to see if I could find him, but he was not there, I was seeing him in every pigeon I saw.

I am almost sure he went to visit the flock, the area, or the partner he left behind before landing in my balcony last year.

I hope he can find the way to the place he misses or he considers his home, if that at the end is my place he will be welcome again.

I must point out the incredible good state of health and general condition of Bravito when he landed in my balcony last year, he was remarkably in better in shape than most feral pigeons I have seen in one year.

Bravito was banded with my land-line phone number and in a perfect health condition, just yesterday I bath him myself with my own hands with pigeon bath salts

Bye Bravito.

I will be looking for the chance to see you again soon

Be sure I will be visiting every flock in my city looking for the chance to see you again.

Hi I am Charlie


Charlie was named to honor Charles Darwin

This is Charlie named to honor Charles Darwin he/she is the baby of Bravito and Dulce. I do not have much time to write but we are doing well and Charlie is growing fast and until now very healthy.

Charlie is in this picture 18 days old, he climbs out of the nest to follow Bravito begging for food, he has been hatched in priviliged circumstances, spare from cold, wind, hunger, dirt and predators.

I have the challenge to let him/her fly for the first time together with his/her father in the next weeks/months, I do not want him/her to become imprinted or completly tame I want he/she develops enough awareness of the wilde world to survive on his/her own if one day I am not here or not able to take care of him/her anymore

My two indoor pigeons teased me

pigeon hen

Dulce the Pigeon

My two indoor pigeons somehow managed to tease me and they got to hatch I think one or two babies, I just discovered last night I did not want to distrees Dulce because she was very upset when I tried to make a video I could just see one baby maybe the other one will hatch today.
Ok this is it, Dulce did not leaved the nest this month before laying the new round of eggs and that confused me because that is the sign I use to exchange her eggs due to this I forgot to exchange her eggs this month for the fakes ones, I am sure she did not leave the nest to tease me and confuse me because she knew I was exchanging her eggs for fakes ones.

She is was slim, the case is that now I have 4 pigeons living at home.

I will be making more videos and pictures soon

Pigeon indoors

Bravito at home

My first rescued pigeon from a flock

Rescued feral pigeon

Recovering pigeon

This beautiful pigeon was limping when i went to feed for the first time the flock in the square in my neighborhood, there are around 10 pigeons there that i have seen with serious injuries due to all kind of strings and threads embedded to their legs, ankle, or toes.

I did today my third attempt to catch a jongster that is in terrible pain due to the same problem, but i failed, I will try again in the next days.

The treatment I am giving to Luz ( that is the name I have choosen for her) is ampiciline/amoxiciline for 7 days 250mg, and a topical creme which contain cold liver oil that helps a lot with pain and healing of the skin. Besides that she gets a lot of rest, clean water and plenty of food to help her to recover.

I am not sure if she still has embedded string in the wound but I will see how she evolves in the next week to decide what to do further.

The first day I gave her a good relaxing bath with special pigeon salts, and she was put in a room completly for herself to rest with no interuptions. Due to the chance she may be a carrier of other illnesess I cannot put her together with Dulce and Bravito my two adopted pigeons.

Fortunately from the room where she is now she can see the whole neighborhood where she belongs, I am completely sure she recognizes the buildings I can see it in her eyes. Some sign  tell me also she can perceive I am just trying to help her.

Nevertheless the tought that she may have kids in the nest that will mis her makes me feel uneasy but I must make a choice. and that is to help her untill she is completly recovered from her injuries and ready to make a new start in her live.

tonight she made her first choice, she did not want to sleep again in the towel I put for her, but on the bed righ upon the pillow:). I am glad I have an extra room for visitors.

I can see in her attitude she has have a hard time in live much more than every feral pigeon. She will recover and I am gonna make sure she can find my place in case she needs me.

The medical and veterinarian system in “civilized” countries

Why I must be responsible of what you decide to do with my body?

Why I must be responsible of what you decide to do with my body?

Why American health care is inching closer to veterinary clinic status

’m saddened to say that in today’s healthcare environment many, if not most patients are being treated as if they are owned by their insurance company, or in the case of older patients, the disabled and the poor, it’s the government that functions as the de facto pet owner.…ic-status.html

Corrupt Zoo Chief Vet*
Kyiv Zoo veterinarian’s incompetance caused the death of ‘Boy’ the elephant, and allegations have been made against him*over misuse of zoo*funds,*yet he is still employed.

Pig Scandal in Norfolk
serial and institutional state veterinary crime.

In memory of Stempy Muson
We blindly trusted this vet. Yes, things did not seem right after the unauthorized surgery. It is why my wife took Stempy back to this vet every day after the unauthorized surgery. The vet made my wife feel like we were crazy for being so worried or concerned. The VET was supposed to be the professional here – not us. It was not until AFTER he died that I started to really examine and research what had just happened.

the majority of Vets are financially motivated and morally corrupt. This is based on my experience with over the past 50 years of owning, breeding and training dogs.

In memory and honor of one very special cat victim

Veterinary incompetnece, negligence, and abuse are alive well in the United states and all over the world, every day untold nummer of defenceless animals are left in the hands of some negligent, imcompetent doctors who inflict cruelty, injury and death on our pets – and get away with it.

We live in the most seamlessly disinformed nation in world history. It matters not the topic—historical or contemporary events, theology, politics, economics, science, medicine—we are being fed an endless barrage of lies. The lies are continually reinforced, generation after generation, through public instruction and the international multimedia. As of today, most Americans are living their lives with minds so filled with lies they blindly engage in numerous self-destructive activities, including the faithful ingestion of pharmaceutical poisons errantly believed by millions to be medicines. In order to free our people we must help them to tear down the walls in their minds. The article below is excellently crafted and should start the process by removing a few key bricks.

Shane Ellison M.Sc.
From the November 2005 Idaho Observer:

Taking antibiotics will kill bacteria.

This is medical subgerfuge and distortion as even the medical community realizes that antibiotics don’t do what they are supposed to do. [B]We say with alarm that disease is becoming resistant to antibiotics. They are not “resistant” because they have never been operative or effective[/B]. Antibiotics are the acidic waste products of fermentation. To make an antibiotic, you need a yeast or mold and some sugar for the yeast or mold to ferment. The bi-product of the yeast or mold fermenting the sugar is the acidic antibiotic. The acids from antibiotics DO NOT KILL BACTERIA. They only force the bacteria to change. Into what does bacteria change? Into yeast and mold. That is why when you take antibiotics you end up with a yeast infection! That’s the antibiotic causing the bacteria to change from one form to another. I call this process of change “biological transformation” and the reason why you should NEVER take antibiotics.

Robert O. Young D.Sc., Ph.D., NMD

Angry Kindreds

Angry kindreds

Corrupt Veterinarians

Corrupt Veterinarians

The medical corrupt system in the so-called “civilized” countries is a growing criminal industry taking every year the life of thousands of humans and other species making them before dying suffer from extreme pain and stress for completely treatable illnesses than if treated correctly and hearing to the patient’s opinion they will be still alive.

Patients and pets owners are treated both as pets, one in the medical and the other in the veterinary system.

Fortunately there are many countries in the world where this is not happening, and the doubts, and autonomy of the patients on their own bodies is respected. This is saving many live that otherwise would be prematurely gone

Although malpractice is a worldwide problem in both fields, extreme corruption and the total lack of autonomy about their own bodies is a characteristic of the industrialized countries where patients are treated as pets, pets less than human, and humans and pet owner claims dismissed when their loved ones are murdered.

The next article compares the medical system in the United States with the veterinarian system to make clear the high level of dehumanization and corruption in both fields.

This article centrates in the plight of pets but seen in almost all “civilized” countries patients are treated the same way, it applies to them as well
The proven efficacy and growing use of all in one antibiotics against most common infectious and contagious illnesses in pigeons and other birds it’s making vets uneasy and embittered about their business which just can succeed with misinformed and/or desinformed birds owners.Due to unreliable tests that in many cases cost the lives of the birds, pet owners are now taking action on their own worldwide with an incredible stock of proven working preventive and curative medicines that treat different illnesses at a time at a lower cost, Fortunately vets are nowadays not seen by everyone as the adequate option or even the best option when the goal is to save the life of the birds or prevention.It has been proven in many aspects and in many occasions that if you want to literally “save” the life of your pigeons the worst option is to consult an avian veterinary not just because they simply lack the knowledge to treat pigeons but because when they are unable to treat the bird due to their ignorance on what its going on they will kill the bird sometimes against your will, or will charge you advising you to treat it for something they are not sure what it really is.In all continents bird experts and laboratories making products for birds corroborate than prevention is the key, veterinarians profit basically from deadly, chronic, ill birds and they really need to keep people in dependency of their unreliable tests to make money of it. If you take action all on your own you will be warned about resistance and the supposed inefficacy of the all in one antibiotic due to the supposed low dosage of antibiotic in it.
This is not just untrue as most renown laboratories all over the world produce these products on a large scale and have in their stock at least one if not many of all in ones antibiotic to cure and prevent pigeons deceases.

Do not let people let you think they know more that you do.
I rather do my own research than trusting the advise of someone who at the end is just trained to perform some basic acknowlegements than accurate diagnosis and medication of bird illnesess that till the day of today some of them are not completely documented, no at all documented, and some of them even completely unknow.Informed people know that lab tests are never 100% to trust and that vets sometimes succeed in treating something just because they use a wide spectrum antibiotic rather because they know what is really going on with the bird.Antibiotic sensitivity tests regarding Trichomonas cocci as all other illnesses are not readily available in most locations to determine if the antibiotic prescribed by a vet is going to be effective or not, when sensitivity tests are not available vets do just what the most of as can do as well, choosing what it seems to be the best option to treat an infection or illness.
Something important to know is that to detect trichomonas the pigeon must be carried to the laboratories because the protozoa will not survive the transport, Very occasionally they will be seen on histopathology, but due to the margin of failure it is not worthy even to try.

Then, the wise when you care about the life of the birds is to treat all of them with antibiotic, disregard if you have 2, 10, 50, 100 or even more birds because you cannot take all of them to the lab or simply wait until symptoms appear to take action because until then it will be simply too late for the birds.

But is a vet “advice” about antibiotic something for which we really need to pay?

Obviously not because treating all pigeons in cases of infectious contagious deceases it is just a matter of common sense not of expertise, the information to make a choice is all out there for free, you just have to look for it, to inform yourself, to understand the risks, and to take action.
When owning many birds quarantining the ones showing symptoms and sitting to wait to see if the rest of pigeons become ill to do something helps vets to earn more money with their unreliable tests and expensive medicines, but definitely not the birds.

Avian vets lack sufficient knowledge to treat correctly different avian species, but anyway they will charge a fee for it. They are Corrupt, without ethics, and immoral as can be.


Avian vets lack knowledge about prevention, but the worst of it that they see prevention as a threat to their business, a vet makes no money from healthy birds, but from sick ones. Exactly like doctors and pharmaceuticals have a war against healthy well-informed patients who can easily recognize symptoms and take action on their own, vets are now scaring people about antibiotic abuse and resistance to it.

They masquerade their ignorance about some species in their own interests and advice you to kill the birds when unable to deal with what it is affecting the bird.

I have never seen anyone to die from “missuse” of antibiotic, or “resistance” to antibiotic, but I know many die of incorrect diagnosis, neglect, and malpractice.

If a bird dies in the care of a vet, everything it is OK for some people, he is a vet after all think many, I pass this lazy way of thinking and I do choose to do my choices based on proven facts and effective medication used by almost every pigeon owner around the world.

In place of giving money to a vet who thinks to know things he/she in fact in most of the cases they really do not know I invest that money in prevention, having a good stock of all the medicines particularly the all in ones, and suplements that can not just save but improve the life of your birds, This is the best thing people who really cares about their pigeons can do.

Through research I have come to know than for cure and prevention in pigeons with vage or multiple symptoms all in one medicines are the best to be used, do not let a vet to earn money treating something he/she do not understand or know better than you do, but you always need medicines in tablets or pills for individual use in case of emergency for the most common illnesess in pigeons to treat inmediately when the symptoms are very clear and grave and the illness is easy to identify

Some of the most common illnesess are
Paratyphoid, Canker, Cocci, Worms, Adeno-Coli Syndrome, Ornithosis and Candida.

Besides that you need to vaccine your pigeons for the most common and difficult to survive illnesess like

And many others.
If you have many pigeons treating for prevention through the water works OK, when you have less than 10 pigeons treating them individualy would be better.

Some useful links.

The first link is the product that helped my little Dulce to become better, and the second link that belongs to the same website its a wide range of specialized products all of them created through research done by specialists in pigeons where a large amount of proven working all in one medicines are to be found.

The third and fourth links speak for themselves, they ship to many countries in the world.…HO-100-gr.html…it-Duiven.html…-/260913649340

The Dehumanized Business of Veterinarians

William Baber an average veterinarian

William Baber an average veterinarian

The Dehumanized Business of Veterinarians

William Baber its a clear example of the corrupt and dehumanized societies we live in. Strange enough the perpetrators are always the first to tear their hairs when this ugly reality is exposed.

Euthanasia cost you 50+ dollars in the US. It is a business done in the name of “the good of the animal”, what many people do not know is that the reasons why pet owners decide to kill their birds or the pet in question following the vet’s advise range from misbehaviour of the pet to mild injuries from which in most cases and with proper emergency care the bird if not euthanized will fully recover.

A “humane” method to kill some birds approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association “AVMA” is carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide traps the air making the bird unable to breathe and he/her die slowly and painfully, an extremely inhuman, abusive, but typical way of killing other species in the US advertised an mostly suggested by veterinarians as a painless and humane solution to the nuisance.

In this sick and weird society where inverted values are the rule, pet’s owners that decide not to take their ill or injured loved ones to be killed have ought enough become the scourge of the system and accused of been inhuman for deciding to take care of their pets until their last moments.

There is in this country definitely a decomposing process going on, some people are in such state of self deceive that will even argue than if “painless and quick” killing defenceless ill or injured animals it is OK. And even the best option to stop their suffering.

Many even claim to have done the “good deed” of the day for bringing and injured bird or pigeon to a wild rescue center where mostly pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings, all of them not protected species by law against hunting and euthanasia are “humanely” killed. Once on a “rescue center” we will never see or know anyting else about the bird or his final fate.

Everyone has the right to information and guidance, but the ones that deserve unconditional support and admiration are the ones that decide not to get rid of the rescued birds giving it to a wild life rescue center, but rather to take the challenge to bring them back alive to the wild, healthy and fully recovered.

Getting rid of an injured or sick bird just because you realize taking care of him/her is a difficult task is not an act of heroism, but an act of cowardice and laziness.

That been said I want to add that a relationship with any wild species if keeped as pets is full of all the emotions we as animals can feel, joy, empathy, sadness, happiness, anger, disappointment, forgiveness and reconciliation. At the end of the journey we become an enriched, stronger, and wiser human being.

And more than probably this is one of the reasons why the statement is so angry with the real freedom of speech the internet offers to everyone. For this system definitely is important that people stay ignorant about this truh.

The Mating for Life Myth

I do not Wanna Marry!!

I do not Wanna Marry!!

The Mating for Life Myth

It is advisable to avoid discussions which are not based in scientific proven facts because they are a waste of valuable time, This is applicable for the mating for life issue since most humans use to claim to be true everything that benefits themselves or their beliefs even if their claims are an obvious lie or affects the integrity of another species, their life, and freedom, it is not a surprise that creationists use some treats from other species that apparently follow a systematic pattern to reinforce their claims, dismissing at the same time the species they use as an example as inferior to themselves. Not to mention than systematic imposed monogamy in any species the humans included is a deviation of natural sexual behavior rather a “virtue” as some creationists seems to think.

Some species apparently mate for life, but what it is really clear is that most of them obviously do not, and when occasionally they do it they do it only for survival purposes with no moral implications, why then creationists and moralists of all walks do choose the first example of sexuality to suggest how human sexuality should look like?. Why not the other way around?. I say this to make clear than these claims are based on an outdated and dangerous religious morality, a silly idealization of human sexuality that does not match reality and never did. Monogamy as a choice could be OK, even so it remains an aberration, a deviation of natural human sexual behaviour, but systematic monogamy and the encouragement of it is naturally wrong, as wrong as moralizing on the non monogamous lifestyle of adult individuals.

There is no scientific evidence available to assure than pigeons or any other species mate for life as part of their nature, but rather an overwhelming amount of information that clearly demonstrate than monogamy its just a social and political construction and that all species randomly do behave monogamous as I said before primarily for survival purposes. Ignorantly, but mostly maliciously creationists assure the contrary of this, even when they consider themselves intrinsically different than a pigeon, creationists use the apparent permanent monogamous behaviour of pigeons as an example of how we humans should sexually behave, the comparison is not just unscientific and ridiculous, but rather a sign of an unhealthy moralistic obsession with a natural acitivity as sex is, when people think to be a completely different species than the species they use as a moral example to implicate and illustrate how human sexual behaviour should be we cannot describe such a kind of person in any other way than as a barking mad.