feral pigeons

Bravito flying at Home

The first of januari 2012 I was sitting in my living room when He just felt down soundly in my front balcony, he was obviously stressed (probably by all that noisy fireworks at the end of 2011), he was also very could you could see it, it was a very windy day, I thought for a moment that he was injured but fortunately I was wrong, I opened the door several times to let him in but he was too afraid.

After about 3 ours out there he started to jump against the glas of the windows, It seems to me he could not bear the cold anymore and was trying to jump in, I openend the door again and this time he came in without asking him twice.

I have not caged him and I am not plannig to do it, he moves arround my place freely, its lovely to see and to have him so close.

I bought some food voor pigeons and he loves it, he does not like much  fruit or vegetables and tomorrow I will buy some grit cause I have read is good for the digestion.



  1. Hi Julia, nice to see another pet pigeon blog! 🙂 Your pigeon, Bravito, is very handsome! I look forward to reading more of your adventures with Bravito. 🙂


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