Bravito got dewormed

Bravito got dewormed

This is an update, Bravito got a second dosis of ivermectine aplied to the skin of his neck to deworm him, I used ivermectine  because The product was design the way that you can dosificate it acording to the weight of small birds and that seems to me very safe, although it was impossible to weight Bravito because he flies off the scale every time i put him on it I went for the guess that he is between 300 and 500 grams, which made the dosification a bit of a guess again cause the product was meant for birds till a maximun of 300 grams, but anyway still safe because I really doubt he is under 300 grams and in case he is more than that he will not get hurt.

What I discovered using this product was that much of the product ends up soaking the feathers in place of the skin if you do not do it right, it was really difficult for me to apply it to the skin of his neck, you have to try to rub a little bit the way the product penetrates the skin not the feathers, About ivermectine I can only tell what I have read on the net and that is that ivermectine is a safe tested product to deworm birds, the one I used was a kinf of a gel but again if you use it for your pigeon make sure you put it on the skin on the back of his head and neck, wrap your loving one in a towel letting just his/her head free the way he/her do not move too much. wash you hands before and after using the product. the reason to put the product in the neck is I gues that this can be toxic when ingested because it is not mean for oral use.

Bravito has been today very playfull as yesterday, he has discovered that he can stands on my head and hands and from there to peak me. I am sending him to bed right now, I prepare him for bed around 18:00 oclock puting the curtains down the way he get used to this schema at around 19:00, 19:30 or at last 20:00 oclock acording to his mood I put him in his house and  I put the lights off in the area where he sleeps, he grunts for a moment when I put the lights off, but then simply go to sleep.



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