Hi, yesterday Bravito and me celebrated one month of his arrival, he got from me his first toy as a present, today because I realize we are making progress very fast in our relationship I moved him for the first time to sleep in my room, at the moment of writing this post we are both on bed, his house is placed on top of the closet where he has everything he likes, a big mirror, food, fresh water, a nice sunny view where he can see other birds flying around, and his house which he defend as his territory now, I will tell tomorrow more of the outcome.

He is sleeping right now, He is crazy about mirrors, toys that make some kind of sound like the one i bought for him, his is also crazy about a kind of sexual dance he likes to performs on the sofa kneading his parts on the sofa like you can see on the video, I think he gets some satisfaction from it cause he do not have any problems with his stools.

I feel very happy tonight just one month ago I was thinking to take this step of moving him to my room was goin to last ages but it has been really fast altough not easy. This side of the house is warmer, sunnier, and he stays next to me which is good for both of us.



  1. dou dou dice:

    Reblogged this on dou dou birds and commented:
    This video just CRACKS me up.

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  3. daniel dice:

    HI like your work u do with pigeons wish there were so meant other people like you thank you


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