Pigeon Care

Pigeon Care

This post is a collection of secrets found on the internet to help you take care of you pigeon/s they include natural easy to find and use remedies as well comercial medicines to help you in case of emergency.

Basic Care for Pigeons

Pet Pigeon Food:
Pigeons are a grain eater but they need mixed grains with added 15% proteins. Flax seeds, corn, oats and millet are good for pigeons and some times sesame seeds or brown rice is good. Grits are help in pigeon’s digestion. Salts and charcoal is essential including oyster shells.
Once in a week you can offer carrots, spinach is pigeon’s favorite food. They like unsalted peanuts also.
Some pigeons enjoy eating vegetables and fruits. Vegetables include garlic, fresh spinach leaves, carrots, corn are good for them.
Avoid cabbage, cauliflower for pigeons in food.

Pigeon Water Need:
Pigeon need fresh water every day. So keep water tub clean and change water at least twice in a day. Apple cider vinegar is health for pigeons. So try to add one teaspoon of vinegar in gallon of water once in a week or one drop in water bowl.

Vitamins required for indoor pigeons:
Vitamin D3 is good for pigeons. In door pigeons need supplementary vitamins, minerals. A good combination of supplementary nutrition will available in bird food shops. Be careful about vitamin A because excess quantity of A-vitamin may cause to death of pigeons. Keeping garlic piece in water bowl is good; it will help to keep parasites away and healthy for pigeons.

Pigeon Bathing:
Pigeon love to take bath. Adding vinegar in bathing water of pigeon is healthful. Vinegar will help to remove unwanted odor and parasites and strains of pigeon’s body.

So take pigeon as a pet which will become a good family member and your pet.

Natural Cure and Care for Pigeons

Antibiotics for Pigeons


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