Bravito on medicine

Bravito on medicine

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The medicines mentioned in this blog are not a recomendation in any sense to anyone, please visit always and specialized vet in your area.

After seeing that Bravito has loose poops once in a while and been sneezing and scratching his head at night, I have put him on (gesazept), a medicine that works preventive and curative for different kind of intestinal, lung infections, pneumonia, and cold, I am using the curative dosis an monitoring him 24 ours a day, apart of these symptoms at night, during the day he behaves normal, eats well, fly around, and play with his toy, today he took a short bad again.

I am very carefull at this moment with the temperature inside the house because I have seen him trembling twice without any apparent reason, we have a very cold weather right now in Holland and the heating swichts on automaticaly at night and I let it that way the whole night long, I guess Bravito is getting used to the warmth and during the day when I put the heating off to ventilate the house he gets chill, I put the heating on now more often during the day and I am carefull with drafts.

I could not find an insurance for pigeons, it does not exists in Holland, only for other kind of small birds, vets specialized in pigeons are so rare in Holland that I have found just one already retired living 2 ours away from my city, he sells at the moment his own products online he seems to be a very famous person in the pigeon (post-racing) world but  he can not help me, unfortunately it seems that in Holland the well being of this beautiful creatures are considered nothing to care about.



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