Bravito asleep at 18:25

Bravito asleep at 18:25 08-02-2012

Bravito is doing well after his second day on a curative and preventive medicine for intestinal lung infections, pneumonia and cold, his symptoms are vague and this medicine is recomended by other pigeon owners who have used with success for many years.

The total lack in Holland  of (specialized and experienced) vets in treating pigeons together with the lack of a health insurance for pigeons is a major problem here for people who cares about them, In Holland like in many other countries dogs and cats  besides a  variaty of birds regarded as exotic like cacatoos and parakeets reing as pets, all of them and with well-earned merits enjoy worldwide a whole range of services, products, and again, a well-earned reputation that protects them.

This marketing fenomenon works the other way around for pigeons in paid media. I think using your personal experience and research openly can help create the social conscience that making available  health insurances for dogs, cats, parakeets and cacatoos excluding pigeons and other fine birds and creatures is terribly wrong, there  is of course a whole industry here, not just about the mentioned pets but about the particular exclusion of pigeons which are portrayed as a “nuisance” by the people who profit from them who use unhuman, expensive, and in a long term ineffective “control” methods, which ineffectivity is in fact the basis of their bussiness, killing pigeons is profitable, and to keep the business going on they need in a short period of time the “nuisance” back to start the profitable cicle all over again.

I could say than this is sad, but I rather will say it’s revolting, particularly when some people deny the facts and  when governnamental institutions with tax money  helps to widespread the “peth myth” against pigeons in the benefit of a handful of building owners and in detriment of thousands of misinformed citizens. Some people can pretend they always know better, even the facts of a country in which they never have been and which language they not even speak, rather than wasting time debating proven facts with them, activity that will not improve the situation of pigeons at all, let’s better all do something to change this situation. We all deserve a chance to well being and protection.


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