Bravito's first visit to the vet

Bravito's first visit to the vet

On 23/2/2012 Bravito got for the first time to the vet, it was pretty stressful for both of us, more for him I am sure of it, he got the paramyxo vaccine, one shot to combat and inflamation in his throat and 7 days of ampiciline also for the condition in his throat, he got one capsule of ampiciline there and I have to give him the next 6 at home one per day, yesterday I gave him the first one, I must confess it was scary because I think he can asphyxiate.

At the vet after the shots and the capsule he vomited, one thing  I noticed is that the capsules have the same size than for humans, which makes giving the cap very scary. Anyway now that I know he is healthy I will find for him a Partner to make his live more confortable.

He is broody at the moment and sits the whole day long on a fake egg. i will be posting the results of the partner story here. stay tuned


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