William Baber an average veterinarian

William Baber an average veterinarian

The Dehumanized Business of Veterinarians

William Baber its a clear example of the corrupt and dehumanized societies we live in. Strange enough the perpetrators are always the first to tear their hairs when this ugly reality is exposed.

Euthanasia cost you 50+ dollars in the US. It is a business done in the name of “the good of the animal”, what many people do not know is that the reasons why pet owners decide to kill their birds or the pet in question following the vet’s advise range from misbehaviour of the pet to mild injuries from which in most cases and with proper emergency care the bird if not euthanized will fully recover.

A “humane” method to kill some birds approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association “AVMA” is carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide traps the air making the bird unable to breathe and he/her die slowly and painfully, an extremely inhuman, abusive, but typical way of killing other species in the US advertised an mostly suggested by veterinarians as a painless and humane solution to the nuisance.

In this sick and weird society where inverted values are the rule, pet’s owners that decide not to take their ill or injured loved ones to be killed have ought enough become the scourge of the system and accused of been inhuman for deciding to take care of their pets until their last moments.

There is in this country definitely a decomposing process going on, some people are in such state of self deceive that will even argue than if “painless and quick” killing defenceless ill or injured animals it is OK. And even the best option to stop their suffering.

Many even claim to have done the “good deed” of the day for bringing and injured bird or pigeon to a wild rescue center where mostly pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings, all of them not protected species by law against hunting and euthanasia are “humanely” killed. Once on a “rescue center” we will never see or know anyting else about the bird or his final fate.

Everyone has the right to information and guidance, but the ones that deserve unconditional support and admiration are the ones that decide not to get rid of the rescued birds giving it to a wild life rescue center, but rather to take the challenge to bring them back alive to the wild, healthy and fully recovered.

Getting rid of an injured or sick bird just because you realize taking care of him/her is a difficult task is not an act of heroism, but an act of cowardice and laziness.

That been said I want to add that a relationship with any wild species if keeped as pets is full of all the emotions we as animals can feel, joy, empathy, sadness, happiness, anger, disappointment, forgiveness and reconciliation. At the end of the journey we become an enriched, stronger, and wiser human being.

And more than probably this is one of the reasons why the statement is so angry with the real freedom of speech the internet offers to everyone. For this system definitely is important that people stay ignorant about this truh.


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