Rescued feral pigeon

Recovering pigeon

This beautiful pigeon was limping when i went to feed for the first time the flock in the square in my neighborhood, there are around 10 pigeons there that i have seen with serious injuries due to all kind of strings and threads embedded to their legs, ankle, or toes.

I did today my third attempt to catch a jongster that is in terrible pain due to the same problem, but i failed, I will try again in the next days.

The treatment I am giving to Luz ( that is the name I have choosen for her) is ampiciline/amoxiciline for 7 days 250mg, and a topical creme which contain cold liver oil that helps a lot with pain and healing of the skin. Besides that she gets a lot of rest, clean water and plenty of food to help her to recover.

I am not sure if she still has embedded string in the wound but I will see how she evolves in the next week to decide what to do further.

The first day I gave her a good relaxing bath with special pigeon salts, and she was put in a room completly for herself to rest with no interuptions. Due to the chance she may be a carrier of other illnesess I cannot put her together with Dulce and Bravito my two adopted pigeons.

Fortunately from the room where she is now she can see the whole neighborhood where she belongs, I am completely sure she recognizes the buildings I can see it in her eyes. Some sign  tell me also she can perceive I am just trying to help her.

Nevertheless the tought that she may have kids in the nest that will mis her makes me feel uneasy but I must make a choice. and that is to help her untill she is completly recovered from her injuries and ready to make a new start in her live.

tonight she made her first choice, she did not want to sleep again in the towel I put for her, but on the bed righ upon the pillow:). I am glad I have an extra room for visitors.

I can see in her attitude she has have a hard time in live much more than every feral pigeon. She will recover and I am gonna make sure she can find my place in case she needs me.



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