pigeon hen

Dulce the Pigeon

My two indoor pigeons somehow managed to tease me and they got to hatch I think one or two babies, I just discovered last night I did not want to distrees Dulce because she was very upset when I tried to make a video I could just see one baby maybe the other one will hatch today.
Ok this is it, Dulce did not leaved the nest this month before laying the new round of eggs and that confused me because that is the sign I use to exchange her eggs due to this I forgot to exchange her eggs this month for the fakes ones, I am sure she did not leave the nest to tease me and confuse me because she knew I was exchanging her eggs for fakes ones.

She is was slim, the case is that now I have 4 pigeons living at home.

I will be making more videos and pictures soon

Pigeon indoors

Bravito at home


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