Charlie was named to honor Charles Darwin

This is Charlie named to honor Charles Darwin he/she is the baby of Bravito and Dulce. I do not have much time to write but we are doing well and Charlie is growing fast and until now very healthy.

Charlie is in this picture 18 days old, he climbs out of the nest to follow Bravito begging for food, he has been hatched in priviliged circumstances, spare from cold, wind, hunger, dirt and predators.

I have the challenge to let him/her fly for the first time together with his/her father in the next weeks/months, I do not want him/her to become imprinted or completly tame I want he/she develops enough awareness of the wilde world to survive on his/her own if one day I am not here or not able to take care of him/her anymore


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  1. I love the baby feathers on his head! He looks really cute. It looks as if he is going to have some lovely white markings on his wing tips.

    • Thanks for your comment, he/she is growing very fast when in the wild after 4/5 weeks of been hatched pigeons have to be able to take care of themselves without much or any help of the parents, but been a pet Charlie is enjoying constant care and protection in a safe place. He/she got a mixture of the color feathers of Bravito and Dulce.

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