Bravito is gone

Bravito is gone

Bravito left by accident this morning I put him in the balcony in a cage, but the table was unstable, I was inside the house when it happens, his cage felt down and Bravito flew away. I did not see when it happens.

The cage was placed in a way he could see the window where Dulce his partner was watching him through the window. I am almost sure she saw everything happen.

He left behind Dulce his partner, and his almost four months old son Charlie

Bravito came to me last year he felt in the front balcony of my house on 1-1-2012 and left from de back balcony on 1-12-2013.

After this event we all remain behind changed forever, his perception of humans and my perception of pigeons never will be the same.

All this happen between 10:00 and 11:00 AM when I discovered I went immediately outside to feed the pigeons of my area to see if I could find him, but he was not there, I was seeing him in every pigeon I saw.

I am almost sure he went to visit the flock, the area, or the partner he left behind before landing in my balcony last year.

I hope he can find the way to the place he misses or he considers his home, if that at the end is my place he will be welcome again.

I must point out the incredible good state of health and general condition of Bravito when he landed in my balcony last year, he was remarkably in better in shape than most feral pigeons I have seen in one year.

Bravito was banded with my land-line phone number and in a perfect health condition, just yesterday I bath him myself with my own hands with pigeon bath salts

Bye Bravito.

I will be looking for the chance to see you again soon

Be sure I will be visiting every flock in my city looking for the chance to see you again.



  1. I am absolutely sure that Bravito will be back. I am sure you will be seeing him soon on your balcony.:)


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