Dulce: Bravito's partner

Dulce: Bravito’s partner

This is the bio of Dulce, Bravito’s partner, I had to buy her on 25/2/2012 in a pigeons shop  because after weeks of unsuccesfull search to adop a pigeon as a partner for Bravito I could just not wait any longer.

At the shop there where incredidle beautifull pigeons of all color combinations you can imagine, but I did my choice rather looking at the character than the feathers, I had in mind already the name for her even without knowing her, Dulce, at the shop she was the only one of almost all pigeons I tried to touch that reacted friendly and curious. I took the desicion in a matter of seconds. after I came to know that bravito is healthy I decided to get him as soon as possible a partner for him he has been alone at what is now our place for almost 8 weeks and I think he really miss a partner of his kind.

Dulce was vaccinated at the shop against paramyxo, but after I got her home I realized how fragile she is, her feathers where in a very bad shape and she can hardly fly with it. besides that her poops are 95% aqueous and greeninsh, I hope she recovers soon I think she is dehydrated although the owner of the shop told me she is jut stressed. But I do beleive that at the time at bought she was not stressed, but  extremely stressed and dehydrated.

Nevertheless after we where home  I sow her tremblimg and  I tried to get her in a bath to relax her and I succeded, she took her first bath at her first day at what will be her home for the future to come, after the bath she felt better for sure and at a little bit. I do not know much about her background, but in her first video bathing you can see how bad her feathers where at that moment .

This is how Dulce came to become the partner of Bravito, from now on I will be posting about her, Bravito, and me.

Dulce the pigeon her first day at her new home



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