I am the fortunate person in which balcony Bravito landed on 1-01-2011 forced probably by extreem stress and bad weather, I will publish on this blog my personal experience with him, it is the first time a pet adopt me and the first time in my whole live I take the challenge of adopting a pet too.

Bravito seems to be a male adult feral pigeon athough many people who have seen him doubt he is a feral but rather a racer that got lost, anyway if that is the case he is an outcast now for his owner because “racers” “fanciers” and alike consider pigeons that get lost loosers, mostly if they return home injured or ill they are killed, racers call it (culling) because it sound less obvious of what it happends to the pigeons, Bravito seems to have a good health,  and I am and adult person living in Holland in The third largest city of this small country, The Hague.

4 weeks after the unexpected arrival of Bravito and after many unsuccesful attempts to adop a partner for him I brought Dulce to home from a shop, this was not the best option but anyway now I realize I saved her from a life full of grief and sadness in the hand of the shop owner or any racer or fancier, she spend her days now enjoying herself, preenig Bravito, sitting on her fake eggs, eating whatever she likes, taking a bath, a sunbath and moving around the house inspecting every corner of it

We are still in the adaptation process, I have changed drastically many things in my daily routine to make them feel confortable and at home, I hope this blog inlight other people that come in contact with pigeons.

This blog tells a bit of us, Bravito, Dulce, and me, Bravito’s and Dulce stories since they came to me, the fortunate adopted by a pigeon one. I am a sceptic person of everything and all assertions which are not based on scientific proven facts, I participate intensely in the international debate to expose the dangers of the idea of god, faith as a virtue, creationism, religions, and believers



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