Adoptive pigeons

This is the bio of Bravito the feral pigeon that just fell down from the sky  in my balcony on  januari-1-2012 probably due to stress caused by the fireforks of the last day of 2011 and the hard wind that we experienced that day, when he felt down I tought he will probably fly away inmediately but he did not, I carefully opened the door of my balcony to see if he wanted to come in but he did not, he just moved a little further afraid of my proximity, after about 2 or maybe 3 ours and many failed attemps to let him come into the house, he just started to jump against the glas of my balcony, I opened the door again for him and this time he came in without hesitating, it seems to me he could not stand any more the could.

I put the heating high to warm up the house for him, that night he slept on the eating table, the next day he seemed calm but still afraid of my proximity, I had not a clue of what to give him to eat, I tried some soya, brown bread, and brown rice, but he did not eat, the next day I bought some seeds for him in a pets shop and he at a lot of them, next day when I had him in my hads I could feel he was extremely thing, After some reasearch on the net I have come to the amateurish conclusion that he is a male adult feral pigeon, 5 days later he took his first bath at home the sight was for me so bewitching that I forgot completly to film him, anyway a couple of days later I got him to take a bath again and this time I filmed, enjoy it, the way he relax with the warm water before cleaning himself is so lovely always to see.

Bravito taking a bath before bed time



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